How to take care of windows to keep them in good condition?

How to take care of windows to keep them in good condition?

Taking care of the window frame – a key issue

Systematic care for window frames is important to maintain their looks, functionality and durability. Here are some tips on caring for window frames:

dust removal: regularly clean the window frames from dust, dirt and other impurities. You can use a soft brush, damp sponge or a cloth.

correct cleaning: clean your window frames several times a year. Use mild detergents to avoid damage to the surface. Avoid aggressive chemicals that can damage the surface of the frame.

moisture protection: try to keep the windows frames dry. Excessive moisture can lead to mould and corrosion. In the case of wooden frames it is important to ensure adequate humidity in the room.

damage repair: do not delay repairing possible damage such as cracks, defects or pain spatters. This will protect the frame against further damage and loss of properties.

regular maintenance: if you have windows with wooden frames, use appropriate preservatives or impregnates to protect wood from weather conditions.

How to take care of windows: remember about the seals

Like the window frame, also the seals require regular dust removal and periodic cleaning with a damp cloth and a gentle cleaning agent. Once in a while, check whether the seals are still tight and perform their role. If leaks are detected, repair or replace the seals as soon as possible. If your windows are exposed to sunlight, it is good to cover the seals with a specialized formula that minimizes negative effects of sun exposure.

Hinges and guides: regular lubrication

For both hinged windows and sliding windows, regular lubrication of hinges or guides using a proper formula is important. This will keep them in good condition and help to maintain the efficiency of the mechanisms for long years.


Taking care of windows is an investment in comfort, safety, energy efficiency and home aesthetics. Regular maintenance allows you to keep your windows in good condition and enjoy their properties for many years to come. If you have any further questions in this regard, go ahead and contact our specialists from Homeefe. Please contact us!
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