Aluminium Doors (External and Front) in Coventry

Aluminium Doors (External and Front) in Coventry

Sleek, strong and stylish, modern aluminium front doors

Are you looking for the ideal external aluminium door to complement your Coventry residence?

Our customers keep coming back to Homeefe because we deliver high-quality internal and external doors at reasonable prices. We provide a huge range of aluminium doors as well as expert advice from our educated team that can answer any queries you may have.

Homeefe has been providing high-quality external aluminium doors in Coventry for decades, and we're proud of the reputation we've built. Please contact us if you don't see what you're searching for in our catalogue and we may discuss a bespoke order.

For all of our external aluminium doors, we provide a bespoke service, so whether you need something to match an existing internal door or to meet a certain size and shape, we can help.

What are the advantages of aluminium front doors?

Aluminum may be treated in a variety of ways, with anodising being the most prevalent. Throughout this process, the aluminium alloy is covered in a protective coating that gives it its colour. As a result of this treatment, it is more corrosion and scratch resistant.

Unlike wood, which requires refinishing after a few years, aluminium requires little upkeep. It's also more scratch-resistant and insect-resistant. Simply keep covered from bad weather.

Aluminium is a wonderful choice if you want to give your home or business a modern look. We provide a wide range of sizes, as well as slider and bi-fold door options. Polished aluminium, white, bronze, and black are among the options available from Homeefe. If you want a more traditional aesthetic, a wood finish is always an option.

What are the advantages of aluminium front doors?
Choose the Best Aluminium External or Front Door for Your Needs

Choose the Best Aluminium Front Door for Your Needs

Our aluminium doors are available in a range of colours and treatments, including powder painting in a variety of colours and a lead-free bronze finish.

To complete the aesthetic of your house or company, matching door knobs and locks are also available. For households and businesses looking for a more environmentally friendly and lighter solution, our aluminium bi-folding doors are a wonderful alternative to wood bi-folding doors.

Depending on the door type you pick, we provide a choice of styles, colours, and finishes, as well as hardware ranging from basic to electronic locks, fingerprint scanners, and Bluetooth-controlled systems.

To learn more about our aluminium door choices or any of the other items we provide, such as security screen doors, custom designed sliding glass entry solutions, and more, contact us right now.

What are the advantages of aluminium doors?

  • Easy to clean. Aluminium doors can be cleaned with a wet cloth or sponge, without the need for harsh chemicals or abrasives. Some manufacturers offer an optional treatment that makes aluminium virtually maintenance-free as it repels dirt and stains.

  • Customisable. Aluminium doors can be customised to include glass panels, metal grids, design elements such as mullions or arches and even fire protection systems.

  • Energy efficient. As they offer insulation against weather conditions, aluminium doors can help you save on heating and cooling costs in your home. They also reduce energy loss due to air leakage.

  • Lightweight. Though strong and durable, aluminium doors are also lightweight. This makes them easy to move around without the need for any special equipment.

We offer a full measurement and door fitting service in the following area:

Rushden and the surrounding area including Wellingborough, Kettering, Northampton & Northamptonshire, Bedford & Bedfordshire, Peterborough, Coventry, Cambridge, Corby, Rugby, Milton Keynes, Luton, Leicester, Buckinghamshire.

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We also sell aluminium doors on a supply-only basis from our showroom in Rushden.

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