Made to Measure uPVC Double Glazed Casement Windows in Leicester

uPVC Double Glazed Casement Windows in Leicester

Double & Triple Glazing Windows

Need a new set of robust yet affordable windows? uPVC double glazed casements windows available in Leicester and across the UK is the perfect choice for you. uPVC windows also known as unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is a brilliant material to use to replace old wooden window frames. This lightweight plastic building material is recognised for it’s strength and rigidness which comes from being produced with vinyl polymer, which is then formed to chlorine atoms so that the window frames can perform successfully with steel. This means it’ll provide you with dependable windows that can last up to 25 years!

You’ll be happy to hear that despite it’s incredible durability it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, in fact it’s very budget friendly. The good news doesn’t stop there, we also offer uPVC windows in double and triple glaze. This will ensure you aren’t subjected to harsh winters; with our double-glazed casement windows it’ll stop the cold wind from getting inside your home. Guaranteeing you warm winters indoors just as it’s supposed to be!

Why uPVC Double Glazed Casement Windows are an exceptional choice?

Double glazing is when a window has two panes of glass, the most important part of the window is the double-glazed sealed unit which is placed in the frame of the uPVC. The two sets of glass are divided by a spacer bar to produce an air gap which is filled with insulating gas. This is the reason [why] your home is able to stay warm as the main advantage of double glazing is thermal insulation. It’s ability to preserve heat while simultaneously fending off the cold air outside from coming inside, grants your home the ability to become energy efficient. Just like that, your bills won’t be sky high to heat your home, the double-glazed windows will do most of the work!  Double glazed windows also have the power to reduce noise pollution, especially with traffic outside, and noisy neighbours this option will ensure you’ll be able to relax inside your quiet home.

uPVC Triple Glazed Windows
Double Glazing Windows - Leicester

Why you might like to opt for the Triple Glazed casement windows?

We also offer triple glazed windows to give your home the extra protection it may need.

Triple glazed windows work similarly to double glazed windows, the additional panel of glass decreases the conductivity of the window, helping to conserve more heat in your house. This additional pane of hardened glass makes it extremely hard to break, giving you the safety and security, you need from potential buglers as it acts as a superb deterrent. Triple glazed windows are more thermally productive and secure than double glazed windows but which one you opt for is dependent on your needs.

Why double and triple glazed windows work so well with uPVC window frames?

Coupled with a uPVC frame, double and triple glazed windows are able to magnify what uPVC frames can already do. With a quick wipe down you’ll be able to keep your frames in optimum condition for a long time, this low maintenance material is brilliant for Leicester and across the UK for this exact reason. It is naturally rust resistant and weatherproof, making it as secure and durable as the double and triple glazed windows it’ll be fitted with. You’ll also have the option for all types of designs to suit your home, uPVC double and triple glazed casement windows come in a variety of styles letting you keep the aesthetic of your home. Explore our range of uPVC windows, you’ve certainly landed at the right place.

Homeefe Award Winning Casement Windows

In comparison to other types of windows, uPVC casement windows have many advantages:

  • easy to maintain and clean

  • resistant to weather damage - will neither rot nor corrode

  • don't transfer heat well, so highly energy efficient

  • don't conduct sound well, so provide good acoustic insulation (noise reduction of up to 70%)

  • very secure with multiple points lock systems

  • affordable in comparison to wooden and aluminium windows

Homeefe Casement Windows fitters
We offer a full measurement and uPVC windows fitting service in the following area:

Rushden and the surrounding area including Wellingborough, Kettering, Northampton & Northamptonshire, Bedford & Bedfordshire, Peterborough, Coventry, Cambridge, Corby, Rugby, Milton Keynes, Luton, Leicester, Buckinghamshire.

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